Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Christmas Time!

Yes, you guessed it, I always say it's officially Christmas when my employee Holiday box arrives. 
Look closely at this box..the snowflakes are made of product! So cute....
 You may recall that I work at Procter & Gamble-hello corporate social media policy!
 It's a company tradition that they send employees a Holiday gift. And they are always a beautifully packed gift!
 This year the gift is a wooden tote box. I think it might be made for silverware & napkins but I think it will hold some scissors or sewing tools.
 In addition to the gift, there is also an assortment of product! YAY! And always packed in pretty cardboard.
 Have you tried these Bounty with Dawn paper towels-they are pretty nifty.
 Oh good some Downy, Cascade & Old Spice & Olay & Head & Shoulders....
 But the one thing that stays the same every year-delicious chocolate covered almonds!
And it's time to get my friend snowblower out! Gassed, oiled and a little air in the tires & ready to roll-
they say there's snow coming!

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