Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

 So, I had the relish tray this year! I loaded them up to head to Aunt Francie's for lunch on Christmas Eve.
 Mmmm, doesn't that look good!
 Almost as good as these little petite-fours that served as the birthday cake for Baby Jesus this year. 
 The kids table!
 And reading the Christmas story from Luke before the gift exchange! We really need to work on finding us a piano player or some kind of karaoke music!
 This year we changed up by asking that the exchange gift be a food item, thinking that this way ANYONE would be happy with a gift of food! And we were right! What a lot of great gifts! Popcorn tins, money buried in caramel corn, jumbo jars of peanut butter, 6 pack of creme soda, summer sausage, fresh pineapple, chocolate, bread-my goodness we are a clever bunch!
 And it was snowing in Marshalltown, Iowa.
 Beautiful, and luckily not sticking to the roads!
 Then home for Christmas day this morning. I think Uber Son was the most excited with his gifts! Once a game boy, always a game boy! LEGO dimensions will be played as soon as possible I'm sure!

I couldn't be happier to get this power tool!! I love the power tools! Can't wait to make some sawdust!

 Lovely Jean got new boots! Look how cute that one boot looks!
 Jaymie was happily playing with her pet bird. I'm glad it wasn't a creepy bird, it will chirp and sing and repeat what you tell it. Could be interesting to hear what the little bird says.....
We've got Supper tonight for whoever can make it. Whew! That's a lot of merry making!

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