Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Pinterest Apron Project

This Blog called Creative Green Living has the cutest Pinterest post for a reused denim jeans apron.
See her picture above? Cute right? Well my dear girlfriend-in-law mentioned that she needed an apron, so PINTEREST TO THE RESCUE!
I dug through my bag of jean scraps to find a front that would work. And perused my fabric stash for something for the ruffle and ties.
 then I ruffled it up, pretty much like the tutorial suggests, except that I didn't use the tuck-n-sew method I gathered and sewed. If I had a ruffler attachment, I would have used that!

 I also folded over each end so that it would look finished. It has a lot of layers to go through so I switched to a 110/18 needle.
 I pinned the heck out of it and fussed with it to make the ruffle fit nicely. I sewed the apron strings in at the same time as the ruffle, thinking I was so smart. It worked great! I did have a little drama with the pockets-I had to trim off the bottoms of the pockets since they were longer than the apron then I caught one bit folded over-oopsy, easy fix though! SO the pockets work!
 Hey did you ever notice this label on Levi jeans? It says- Please Donate When No longer Needed.  nice!
 So I got the ruffle attached pretty easily. Then I hunted up a denim scrap for the bib part of the apron. The original blogger used a jeans leg turned upside down, I couldn't locate one that wasn't pretty raggedy so I went with a band at the top.
I also didn't care for the pocket on the bib like the original, so I left it plain. I could maybe embroider something there too I guess...nah.
 I used my dandy bias tape foot to attach the binding to the bib edges-I chose to not make it curved like the original-who needs that hassle of turning a corner-Not ME!

I top-stitched close to the ruffled edge on the denim to help keep it from flipping up, there are a lot of layers there!
 There, all done!
 That fabric with eye glasses on it is so cute with the denim. So not a Pinterest Fail! And huge thanks to Creative Green Living for the tutorial!!
Stop by and it's yours in time for Christmas cooking G-I-L Jean!

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