Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Message to Simplicity.....

Dear Simplicity, please stop making a seperate entry on the back of the envelope for notions needed in addition to the notions listed at the top of the envelope. You are making me crazy searching for what I need to complete the project. Please list ALL the items needed wit the view fabric requirements. Jeez!!!!!
Then could you please also explain what the heck you are doing with the ribbon in this pattern-my crystal ball must be out of order. Seriously, how's it going to work to baste ribbon the the outside of a wrong side out layered fabric?
Please make step 14 more clear. And one more thing-could you specify what size handles will work the best for this project. Handles are pretty hard to find I discovered, so maybe a little bit more information would be helpful.
I won't even start on why you want insulation and batting both on part of this project......and why would you leave an END open for turning when if you leave a SIDE open for turning it won't show when the project is assembled. Much better looking. OK I guess I'm done ranting at Simplicity.

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