Friday, January 22, 2016

It's New!

So, it's about time I went car shopping. I know, I know, the G6 is such a great car. But it's 11 years old and it's time. I made my chart and started on line shopping. I had 5 cars on my list and got it down to the Chevy Trax, the Buick Encore, the Ford Escape and the Jeep Renegade.  I was  stalked by salesmen and test drove like crazy.  The ford just lost me on the bottom line price-over my budget, so on to the Chevy & the Buick-which are really the same-just the Buick is more fancy-I LOVE fancy! But it is just a tiny little 1.4L motor and just didn't have the power I wanted to merge aggressively on the interstate.  So on to the Jepp, I've never even looked at Jeeps before, but I really liked what I saw! SO look at this.....yes, that is the control for heated seats and heated steering wheel and the passenger can control their temperature too.
 Yup, that's the dash.
 And lookie here! This is it!
 New 2015 Jeep Renegade front wheel drive. This color is called Glacier. Looks gray to me, but whatever, that warm steering wheel when I got off of work last night was the BEST!
So I'm styling in the Jeep! Gotta love that new car smell!
 Here's a look at the back seat area-there's enough leg room-I always sit in the back seat when I test drive...
 and here's the passenger seat and take a look at those fancy Jeep branded floor mats. They're the kind that don't let the snow and crud get out on to the floor!
And a whole new thing to me-these "keys" they aren't keys at all! They work like keys but have no keyhole! I can open my doors without even pushing a button! Lots to learn here let me tell you!!
But it's so fun to have a new car!If you're shopping, go see my pal Alan Baker at Deery Brothers in Iowa City. He'll do his best to get you a deal like he did for me!

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