Sunday, January 24, 2016

Junk in the Trunk and In the Cubby and in the Glove Box...

So, when you get a new car and trade in your old car, you have to clear out the stuff from the trade in car. Now, I know I have some stuff in my trunk, but I didn't quite realize how much there was!
 One whole shopping bag full of shopping bags! Plus a 4 way wrench, an emergency kit, a bucket of emergency things like rain ponchos and a water bottle and gloves and paper towels. I have no idea why I had a plastic party tray in my trunk. I had 10 years of oil change receipts and 10 years of registrations in there too!
 And the little stuff from the cubbys! OMG-look-Yes, that's a cookie-it might be a dog cookie!! Coins, pens, lint brush, salt packets, multi tool, spare sunglasses-3 pairs!, toothpicks, receipts for who knows what, a hose clamp, at least 3 phone power cords, mints, lottery tickets-did you know they have to be redeemed within 1 year?, a tire pressure gauge, hair brush and last of all an entire bag of CDs.
My new Jeep doesn't have a CD player! I am a big fan of books on CD-I get one every week from the library, but now I am learning how to have books play from my phone! It's pretty darn cool! ANd I only have a bag of bags in my trunk now!

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