Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kalona Shop Stop

SO DD and me made a stop at the Dollar Store in Kalona and also HAD to visit Willow Creek Quilt Shop. I'd never been in there before. Look how pretty their displays are.
 I really like that ornament quilt....
 We had to chuckle at the fire extinguishers stacked waiting for their proper installation!
 It was such a nice day outside and the town of Kalona is just made for tourists to walk around downtown.
 So after Willow Creek
 We walked down the sidewalk-with cement quilt blocks no less...
 to The Shop. Look BEN was waiting for us!
 They have lots of unique vintage things and are just crammed with fun ideas!

 What do you think of this lighting?

 I loved these books cut into letters. It's hard to cut books-I mean not hard to actually cut them, but hard to get over a lifetime of not tearing a page, and treating books nicely.

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