Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bunny Time Banner

Easter will be here before you know it, so I googled around looking for an idea for a door banner for the season.Over at Shiny Happy World she has a bunny that's cute as can be. Here's the Link to Shiny Happy World's Blog post.
And there's a free printable pattern there. SO I printed it out and traced it on to paper backed heat-n-bond fusible. See that snow outside the window there? I'm glad it's all gone now!

 Here are all the pieces fused to my fabric choices. The parts could be mix and matched, but that would require planning before they are fused to the fabric and well, planning isn't always my strong suit.
 Then cut out the parts-cute, right?! So the directions say to quilt the background first, so I did, but I kind of missed the part about leaving off the backing fabric until the end-oh well this will work out.
 Then after fusing the parts onto the background, I stitched along the edges. I just used a plain old straight stitch-really close to the edge.....
 really, really close to the edge. It does look great! Grey bunny......
 brown bunny.......
 and white bunny! I should have figured out how to make the background not show through the white fabric, but I think it will be ok.
 Look at those cute little pink noses-it's the bar tack function on my sewing machine-thanks MOM!!!
 And I made the eyes by using the round button hole option and outlining the circle shape then filling in with  free motion style stitching.  For the mouths I copied the pattern's idea and just stitched smiling lines for each face. I used a fancy wide stitch to joint the three panels together, I wasn't too happy with that look though-so after some thought I dipped into my stash of rick rack and put that over the stitching that holds the whole thing together.
Here's the back side-I used the corner triangle method to hold a dowel for the hanger. And used some solid green for the binding-I remember why I'm not a fan of solid color binding shows every little boo boo!!!
 There! Doesn't that rick rack look great! Thanks Mom!!!!! (I stole the tin of old rick rack from my Mom awhile back-she said I could have it-but she likes her trims a lot so it was a little bit painful-LOL!!)
 And here it is all finished! Cute as can be and the free pattern is great! I still wish I had backed the white bunny so the background doesn't show through, but maybe on the next one!!

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