Saturday, April 9, 2016

Being A Do-Gooder

 SO today I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. Our local chapter-Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity has several homes in the works, and my employer, P&G-Iowa City, volunteered to supply 2 shifts of volunteer labor for the home build in Coralville, Iowa.
This is the location for the home-a 4 bedroom single level home for a very nice woman and her 3 sons.
 The morning shift met at a parking lot nearby and built walls from 2X4s and 2X6's. They staged these walls for us-the 2nd shift of folks to move to the home location.
 While we waited for the trailer to bring our walls to unload we transplanted a couple of lilac bushes-boy were they rooted deep! Running a shovel is always a good time-said no one ever!! And we also cleared away some branches and debris from the "yard" The foundation is in place and the flooring slab is supposed to be poured this week.
 Here's a load of walls being loaded at the nearby park.  and then we had volunteers practice their trailer backing skills.
 It took a couple of tries, but the fellas did a great job getting getting the trailer closer to the place we needed to stack the walls.
It was a beautiful day, not hot, nice and cool, and the labor was not really hard. Lots of moving stuff around. But it all fits in to the big picture and that's a nice house for a family.

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