Sunday, April 3, 2016

Well, it was on SALE!

 So I went to see my friend who lives in an assisted living facility to take her shopping, but it was too windy and she didn't want to go out so I had no choice but to stop by the Inspired to Sew store-it used to be called Pine Needles, but now I guess it's just inspiring. And I really don't need any more fabric at all, but they were closed for awhile remodeling, so I also had to see what they did. Not much that I could see. Anyways....
 Anyways, LOOK! They had Pokemon fabric and it was on sale-onlt $4 a yard. I had to get a little bit-especially that I choose YOU!  print! Sooo cute! And then I had to try it out with the bowtie pattern for that wedding we have coming up in August.
 I made this pattern before using the tutorial from Sew Like My Mom and it came out so cute!

Maybe Uber Son will come over and test it out for real!