Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Baby Quilt Finish

 So, a girl at church has a new baby girl and I have been needing to use up some existing fabrics, so I thought what a great time to do a little sewing! Oh and I also opened up this cute little clip light we got at IKEA when we were in Minneapolis recently! What a handy little lamp, it's called Janjso-you know how IKEA names all their stuff. I just clipped it to Bernie's carrying handle and bent it around. Nice!
 And it can clip on almost anywhere!
 SO I had Bernie embroider the new kiddo's name on the backside of the quilt before I  assembled it. Her name is Annalee, but it's not ANNAlee, it AWE-NAlee...crazy, right?
 Anyways-here's the cute quilt all done with dark brown binding and squiggly line quilting-follow the lines-easy peasy!
 And after a quick wash and dry-crinkly goodness!
This was a whole cloth quilt, I didn't piece a thing at all
 But it sure came out cute!
I'm sure the new Mama will enjoy it!

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Shannon Bingaman said...

Of course she will. I love it. I am finally getting furniture in and using the basement, so feel free to use any left over fabric to make me something for the back of my new couch.

I love following your blog. It keeps me up to date. Also, how is my Auntie?