Saturday, March 26, 2016

What a Difference A Week Makes

Last Saturday, I left my house thinking ahhh, Spring is here!!!
Then I left my Mom & Dad's house....not so much. Just another day in Iowa, right?
SO last Sunday I went to visit my pal, who lives in an assisted living apartment-she wasn't feeling so good so I went off to church without her. And look! There was an estate sale only a block from her church! And I got some vintage ornaments and some scissors too! Only $5 for the whole bundle!!! Such a good stop!
 Today, we're back to Spring looking outside again...let's hope no snow!!
 Look at the lilacs coming on in a big way. My gardener has already been over planning what to do this spring. She says she's going to spread out the lilies.
And soon those tulips she planted around the flag pole will be blooming! Happy Easter!

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