Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ok, I Just Have to finish This Trip!

SO to finish off the trip to Minneapolis, we popped in to the Mall of America for lunch. 
 I just want to point out that at the Stitch It store, it's $20 to hem jeans. Just sayin'.
 So as always the mall amazes me! Where do all these people get so much money!???
 Who can buy a Micheal Kors bag? And then step next door to Kate Spade and pick up a little something? I'm in a daze every time I think about it!!!
 But the Turtles at Nickelodeon land are still there, and we head to the Hard Rock for lunch, because none of us has ever been-crazy right?
 Lego land is right outside the door...good to know, maybe needed for a future visit!
 The Hard Rock has a featured person every month I guess and lookie at that, it's Bob Marley this month!
 Pretty good service, and pretty good food and not too crazy prices.
 I really enjoyed this burger-I haven't had a good burger in quite awhile, and this one was good!
 So as we're leaving, DD pointed out these very cool portraits-here's Kurt Cobain
(kind of the dead artist month theme going here?)
 ANYWAYS....the portraits are made of chains
 see they just hang there and they have the image printed on the chain....
 See there's Bob(I think-or is that Roy?), and Elvis and Jimi, and George all captured in chains
 And since we are in the land of the Purple One, here's a display of Prince's wardrobe.
 Look Dora was at the Mall too! Hola Dora!!
 Then we HAD to pop over to IKEA! I love that place, there's just something alluring about it. I don't need anything, but it's a fun store to browse around in.
 And they take marketing to a whole new level-All retailers like to try to guide consumers through the store to see what they want you to see, but IKEA takes that to a whole new level with arrows and maps to direct you just where they want you to go.
 Always very organized and I think they have just about the right number of checkouts!
OK now I think I'm done blogging about my latest Minneapolis trip. It was WONDERFUL! I love to spend time with my favorite cousin and DD. There's so much to see in the big city!!

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Shannon Bingaman said...

I love Ikea! Hoping to redo my office/scrap room soon! I have to do things one thing at a time. LOL. Too long a list. I know, I wondered the same thing about the mall. When we were in Delaware, which has no sales tax, we found the M. Kohrs outlet. I found a beautiful purse on clearance. It was still a splurge for me but a little closer to my budget. It is an awesome state for shopping!