Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday Funday

SO on Sunday DD and me and her pal BJ went to the Ackerman Flea-Tique market!
 SO much great stuff there!  Look at this cute play refrigerator! It has a painted on icemaker!! What little kid wouldn't be thrilled with that!
We go to this show almost every year and this year was the biggest yet! SO many great antiques and crafts and junk! Here's the outdoor iron artist, wonderful stuff!
 This coffee table was really different! DD loves it!
 I like this one a lot better, I bet we could  do that.LOL..snort!!!!
 Here's the real gem though. This table with an iron register grate set into really beautiful wood. Selling for something like $350. LOVE IT!
 There were vendors inside the buildings at the Johnson County Fairgrounds and also a lot of stuff outdoors too. Rusty old stuff and new crafted stuff.
 Manly kind of things..... and really cute DIY ideas too!

 I bought this unusual pair of Wiss scissors. They are 7 1/2" Left handed but have this odd tab on the top handle. I thought they were manufactured with it, but maybe it was added on for some reason.
I've never seen anything quite like them. SO I will add them to my wall-only $3.
 Isn't it great when old things are so well preserved? Just think of all these kinds of things that were sent to the burn pile over the years. I guess that's why people will pay for them these days!
 It was a beautiful day too! Sunny and bright with just a tiny breeze.
 And just to make the day complete, the peonies are starting to bloom in the yard too!

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