Saturday, May 21, 2016

Out & About

  SO Hubby and I loaded up and headed over towards Kalona Iowa for some shopping. Hubs likes to go to the Stringtown Market because they have unique spices and ingredients that are sold in repackaged containers at good prices. And he was also looking for a crank handle flour sifter....don't ask.

So DD and her pal BJ loaded up and met us there and we traveled to two more country stores in the area.
  Here we are at the
Community Country Store Annex. As you might guess, they sell almost everything you might need if you lived a simple life out in the country.
Including a crank handle four sifter.
I did a bad job getting this photo of the steel wheel tractor coming down the road outside the store. A lot of the Mennonite folks are allowed to use tractors with steel wheels, but not cars or vehicles that would be a pleasure to use, it all horse and buggy to get around for personal business.
They also don't use electricity at the store, Those are sky lights in the ceiling, and gas lights for when it gets dark.
 And if you need parts for your oil lamp, here ya go!
 Where else can you get hankies these days. At the Community Store Annex!
 We also stopped at the Community Country Store (no annex) HAHA!
They had a wide assortment of boots and shoes and clothing. Including those great hats. I couldn't resist. I bought one for Hubby-he needs to keep the sun off his skin in the summer!
Stainless steel bucket for milking and such, and suspenders too!

It was a nice drive in the country-even though the gravel road were crazy dusty! But the farmers are in the fields and the day was clear and bright.
Here's the "haul". We're stocked up now!

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