Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bootlegger's is Back!

SO, my favorite antique/junk store has finally reopened on our main street, Augusta Avenue in Oxford, Iowa. Bootlegger's is BACK!!!
 The owners lost their lease last year and then bought this building which required a TON of renovations. But look here, Theresa has so many  lovely things stocked into the space! Look at the original brick wall there.
 I love her sense of style. It's like walking into a living Pinterest page when you go in there. Look at that original wood floor, gorgeous!
 Bootlegger's prices are always very reasonable, and it's such fun to see all the unique things there.
 I just like to stop in to say hi and see what's new, I sure don't need anything I have to dust!LOL!
 Theresa says they are thinking about expanding into the upstairs space too. It would allow them more space for furniture items.
I'm just thrilled that we have a lovely business like this on our main street! Here's a link to their Facebook page.

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