Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yard Sale Flip

 So, DD and me made the short drive over to Walford, Iowa for their community wide yard sales. I've been over there before and there is always a lot of people and a lot of traffic.
 I think we hit almost every single yard sale...except those that have more than 1 baby stroller out fron.
 We got this really nice cedar chest. It's a Lane. They were asking $20, I offered $10 and we settled for $15. I told DD that we are just like a contestant on Flea Market Flip!
 We headed home to do this project! The fabric cushion on the top was just awful. The foam was rotted and the fabric was just dirty and ugly.
 It took a while to pull it all off, but we got the job done! There was a ton of staples and that took the longest to get them all out.
 The n we auditioned a few fabrics that I had in my personal fabric store. .
This was a front runner, but we had to go to the fabric store for new foam and we decided to look while we were there. 
 DD wants to use this chest at the foot of her bed. She is not a fan of the Early American style and I'm pretty sure the right fabric and the right hardware will turn this project around!
 We bought new foam and new fabric and started stapling. It's not a tough job, but it took awhile to put in a ton of staples!
 Then it's time to screw the upholstered board back onto the lid. Easier said then done! SIL was over for a minute and helped us to put in new slightly longer screws to hold things together-we wouldn't have gotten it done with out him!.
 Then the hardware needed to go!
 So DD took the screwdriver to them!
 And now look! It's like a new chest! I love this fabric! It looks great!
 I think she will replace the handles with something a little bit more modern, but who knows!
It's done enough to go to her house and it's always a happy time to get a thing out of my garage!!

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