Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Long, But Not Long Enough, Weekend

 SO, The Memorial Day weekend started out with just beautiful weather! I snapped a couple of pictures of the Flags in the Marengo, Iowa cemetery on my way to have lunch with my folks and cousins.
 The local Scout troops were placing the flags as I stopped to take these pictures-Who doesn't love to see Old Glory snapping in the breeze against a bright blue sky! Just lovely!
 So then I got busy and made the TEST DRESS for the upcoming wedding. The actual dress will be grey taffeta & lace, but I wanted to check for size and try out the pattern first.
 Instead of making a boring old muslin, I made a 4th of July dress instead.
 It came out pretty cute. I wouldn't choose this pattern for a casual play dress, but now I know how the pattern puts things together. Maybe I can make the REAL dress with out any problems. I'm thinking I might change the order of assembly to put the zipper in before the side seams are done-might be a little tricky with the bodice-waist seam though. It was a little sketchy putting in the zipper in an almost finished dress which is what the pattern says to do.
 That circle skirt on the dress was a little tricky, but I pressed the heck out of it with a spritz of starch and it rounded up nicely. It really does need a ribbon or belt otherwise it looks a little sack-ish. The REAL dress will have a royal blue ribbon sash. I know I will be adding some thread belt carriers to the side seams. The pattern doesn't call for anything to keep the ribbon in place.
 I'm not a huge fan of the bias tape around the neck and arm holes, but I guess it is the cleanest finish for the lace. The actual dress will be lace over the whole thing not just the yoke.
 There was also a fashion try on for the groom.  Doesn't he look handsome in a bow tie, with  a little clown in front of him!!LOL!
 And later she took a selfie so I could post a picture of the dress on the girl. A busy girl like her makes a dress look so cute!
 Then it was off to the Veterans Trail  service out at Coralville Lake. The Army Corp of Engineers work with the Johnson County veterans organizations to recognize several veterans every year for their service.
 The flags atop the dam just look outstanding, and it was a beautiful day. Hubs was recognized with this honor back in 2001, so we like to go and visit with the other veterans. It is a really nice ceremony.
 The trail itself is a barrier free, wheelchair accessible trail that is a wonderful walk though the forest with places to sit and stones and markers with honored service peoples names engraved on them.
It's a great place to visit on a perfect day and a nice way to end a short long weekend.

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