Thursday, June 9, 2016

So Disappointed In Schwan's

So, you know how I really like some products from Schwan's. We have a really good route delivery guy, Wade, and he stops by every other week. Well, my favorite snack of all is Bomb Pops. Not the icky kind from the grocery store, the kind only Schwan's sells. Now for the disappointment. They are discontinued. Wahhhhhhh! No Bomb Pops.
So sad, I don't like the multi flavor pop sicles, and the strawberry ones are good, but they are too big. And the yogurt bars are too expensive.
 And on top of that...they have also discontinued the natural casing hot dogs too! Hubs and Uber son both like the flavor of natural casing hot dogs-they are tasty. But so sad, I have nothing else I want from Schwan's... except biscuits, they do have the BEST frozen biscuits, but we don't eat a lot of biscuits in the hot summer months. Guess I won't see Wade anytime too soon. C'mon Schwan's bring back my Bomb Pops and Hot dogs!!!

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