Saturday, July 16, 2016

20 Year Anniversary

 SO it's my 20 year anniversary working for Procter & Gamble this month! YAY! for me! I got my award plaque, and I got to go out for breakfast with my work team. All on the company's dime! And when you have anniversaries in increments of 5,10,15,20,25...then you get to select a gift from the on line award catalog.
 They have all kinds of things to choose from at the 20 year level. A bike, electronics, a TV,
 a table saw, watches, lamps, clocks, camping gear, luggage
 small appliances, like blenders and juicers rings and pins and jewelry like that
 But I chose this! I've been wanting an air compressor for awhile now and just lucky me, there was one waiting for me to select it.
 It arrived the other day so I had to go get a few accessories for a hose......and fittings...I got this package with everything I need, I guess....darn it! Too bad the package tried to maim me!
 I got it all together and it works great. What a nice way to celebrate 20 years of hard work!!

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