Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Now Know About Corn Hole

SO the upcoming wedding reception is going to be fun. There will be outdoor games and beverages during cocktail/picture time.  Lovely Jean wondered if there was a possibility that I could make a corn hole game for the big day. Well there are a ton of blog posts and DIY directions out there so, sure, I'll give it a try.
 Here's my general directions for a full sized "official" corn hole game.  I came across these smooth plywood boards to use for the tops-already the right size and only about $6 each. YAY!
 SO then I got some studs-they're smaller than 2" x 4" lumber and only cost about $1.50 each-right in my budget.
 I thought I'd use my pocket tool to make the box frame, but honestly, I struggled with the assembly so I just went with some longer screws for most of the project.
 So here we go! One box done and the next one under way. It was so helpful to have the sheets of plywood already the right size!
 Two down and then to add the legs. I have to say, in all the DIY directions and all the videos and all the how to stories, they never tell you about how hard it is to line the legs up so they can fold inside the box. The tops have to be rounded and you have to place them just right so they'll lay flat. I struggled, but got it done!

It's break time-it's too hot in the garage for a few days, so I go on the hunt for some corn to make the bean bags...errr I mean corn bags. 
 A whole bag of corn at Theisens's is only about $6, I could make A LOT of corn bags with this much corn!!
 I sewed the bags from some heavy cotton duck fabric. One set in gray and one set in blue. The official corn bags are supposed to weigh 16 ounces, well I doubt that mine are official, but they seem to be OK!

Now about that hole...I thought I would be lucky and find a friend with a 6" hole saw, but no luck so I took my trusty compass and cut that hole my self! To buy a hole saw was about $20 and that would not have been in my budget, no worries, it worked great to use the jog saw!
After a little bit of sanding, it looks pretty darn good!

 There we go ready to play...but wait! This is for a wedding and Pinterest shows me that lots of wedding cornhole games are decorated in various ways!
Thanks Pinterest!!!
 So I cut some letters to trace around and use my dandy wood burning tool to make the boards look a little bit like the wedding invitations!
 They have a wood tone tree on them and so I kind of re applied that theme!
 Lots of leaves, I'm glad I can do this in the house because it's been hotter than heck out in the garage!
 I penciled in the idea of where the leaves should go and then used a big pink eraser to erase all the pencil marks when I got done burning them in.

 Here's the first board all finished, and ready for a coat of shiny polyurethane , I have to finish the other board yet, but it won't take too long to get that done.
 Such a cute idea! Those invitations were a great inspiration! I guess I better read about how to play this game so I'll be ready on the big day!

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