Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bow Ties

So with the wedding countdown under way, I better get busy! This time it's bow ties!
 I LOVE this Marvel superhero comic book fabric. It's perfect! I'm making the ring bearer pillow and the flower girl basket out of it too!
 SO I hunted around for a pattern and made a few test ties...and now here we go!
I interfaced one side of the tie and then sewed around, leaving an opening...standard stuff. I used my handy pinking shears to cut away the bulk and help make good points and curves. I hardly ever get to use the pinking shears, but they are are handy for a job like this. 
 Now to turn those ties right side out..I used this handy tool The Quick Turn. It comes with 3 sizes of tubes, you put the tube in side your project then use the rounded dowel to push the fabric through to the other end.
 Like so, take it slow and easy....
 and like magic you're turned right side out in no time!

 Lookie there! Now to poke out those points and curves and press the heck out of them!
 I used the Sewing With nancy trick to close the opening. A little bit of fusible web in there
 Like so...
and that's a job all done!!
 Nobody will ever know! Now I think I'll add a hunk of velcro to the center of the ties, that way they fellas won't have to try them on so I can adjust them, They'll be adjustable already.
 There! All ready to go. Now off to alter one bridesmaid and whip up a toddler dress!

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