Sunday, August 7, 2016

Antique Power Show

So DD and me went off to the Antique Power Show in Marshalltown, Iowa.Dad always has a few things there to show too. This year just one engine. It's a Fuller & Johnson. 
 Look here;s DD and my Mom! They kind of look like the blind leading the blind...I think they are safe though, because there are no curbs for either of them to step off of.
 Here's the big sawmill. See the power belt leading back into the shed that shelters the sawmill.
 Here's the hay balers and the threshers. I don't know what was wrong with me but I couldn't take a good picture to save my life!
 There was a pretty good flea market....
 If you wanted a rusty almost anything, they likely had it.
 DD did get a good buy on an old fire extinguisher.
 John Deere was the featured engine this year, so as in all years the green machines made a bold appearance!
 This is a Root and VanDervoort...Dad says it might be one of the best engines there this year. It's kind of rare and is a good looking engine.
 There are lots of vintage tractors of all colors around-one thing for sure, the folks who own this iron are very happy to chat with you about them!
 I took this picture of the horses on the way out the gate, they were pulling a such a pretty fancy wagon to ride in.
Now I'll have to mark my calendar for next year. It's always the 1st weekend in August.

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