Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chespin Halloween Costume

So one young person who is a true Pokemon FAN asked to make her a Chespin costume for Halloween. Chespin is one of the latest Pokemon. Now you know.
 I came home from work the other night and this little toy was waiting for me by my sewing machine.....guess who!?!?! Chespin, left for me by  said young person. She's a hoot isn't she?!

So I dug around in my costume patterns and decided Chespin can be made pretty much the same way Pikachu was a few years ago. Here's the hood-looks good! 
And the rest of the costume. I just used ordinary craft felt for the whole thing and a regular quilters cotton for the linings. 

And here's the model. She was very pleased with how it came out. 

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