Monday, October 10, 2016

Auction Day!

 So , lookie here! I scored these really pretty vintage ornaments at an auction on Sunday over in Shueyville, Iowa.
 They are the smaller sized ornaments and I think I was lucky to get them for only $10.
 The auction was a good one, not too much junk , and a lot of good stuff. Plus I got to meet my Dad there!! YAY! he was looking to bid on a couple of anvils.
 Of course it took forever to get to them. But it was a nice cool day and things moved along pretty well.
 There were several quilts that went pretty well and lots of kitchen ware.
 And just look at this dining room set! OH MY! If I had a place to put it I would have bought it in a heartbeat. That Asian influenced mid century modern look...WOW!
 And sheds full of scrap iron and lots of shed type pf things. I liked the look of this big hank of rope.
And Dad got both anvils and some other blacksmith type of things. A good day for all!

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