Sunday, October 9, 2016

Drive In Time!

So Hubs and I made a final fall trip to the drive in on Saturday night. \We saw the Magnificent 7 and the double feature included Sully.The Magnificent 7 was pretty good.I really liked the diverse make up of the 7, even though the story has a few faults, like why don't the miners join the town?
I am kind of annoyed with the costuming for the girl lead...I don't know her name, wait, Google......Hayley Bennett. She was a fine actress, but really? No  wife in 1879 California gold country is going to wear a dress cut this low to a meeting at the church to discuss how to save the town.
And really, you're traveling 3 days riding a horse to hire killer gunmen to save your town  and you choose to wear a hippie girl-off the shoulders- peasant dress? Give me a break. Apparently someone is VERY enamored with Hayley's collar bones.Whoever designed the costumes for this movie should have been given the BOOT!
On to Sully. I did not have high hopes for this movie, we already know how it comes out. But I was surprised at how engaging the movie was. It wasn't as dull as I anticipated and it was interesting to have a peek into the world of how investigations go on.  Tom Hanks did a great job I think! No costume issues here! YAY!
So Cowboys and Tom Hanks at the drive in, not a bad Saturday night!

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