Sunday, October 2, 2016

What Cheer Flea Market

 SO, I made the journey over to What Cheer, Iowa today! They have a big flea market 3 times a year at the Keokuk County Fairgrounds. I had never been here before.
 There are vendors EVERYWHERE! Outside, in the livestock buildings, in the race track, on the sidewalks, every space has stuff!!!
 Since it was Sunday a few vendors had already moved out, but there was still so much to see!
This person was selling Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and rusty stuff!
 Lots of old furniture-some new old, and some just old and some just furniture.
 Lots of license plates-some vendors had them cut into individual letters so you could craft your own project out of the letters.
 Lots of vintage glass, see those green salt & peppers-they wanted $48 for them so they stayed there.
 Hubs just told me one thing before I left the house, he said, "No chairs"...well jeez, when they jump out in front of me...what am I supposed to do!!!!!!!
 mmmm, look at that pretty green picnic basket...I left it behind too, it wasn't in very good shape on closer inspection. But I do want one like that.....
 I tried to get a veiw of the rows and rows of vendors inside the dirt race track, not too successful.
 There were quite a few handicrafts folks there, and they were ready for fall with lots of outdoor decor.
 I thought about one of those corrugated metal pumpkins, but decided against it...lots more to see here!!
 Look iron pikachu, and iron snowmen, what a cool bunch of yard art!
 I chuckled at the barb wire yard art too.
 Oooo, look there's another picnic basket...darn $22 and not in great shape, it's not like there's a basket shortage! And notice that silver lunch bucket on top there-I can remember my Dad had one like that for a lot of years!
 I swear there was so much to see, there was one guy who had a truck load of banana boxes just full of junk, spread over about 20 tables-people were rooting around for treasures there for only $1!
There was even an anvil, Dad! It was a huge one, and a littler one too, but they were in pretty beat up shape I thought. SO the next time I'll know what to expect, the flea market happens in May of 2017 next!

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