Monday, September 26, 2016

Taunting Fabric

 I blogged about this quilt I got started
Back in July of 2015 here.
But things happened and I kind of lost interest and got busy, and this quilt was taunting me, wanting to be finished. 
And today I finished it! It has been sitting over on the sewing table taunting me. I guess I showed it a thing or two!!
 I did a kind of sloppy meander all over to get it done!
 Sometimes, you just need to finish! And I always plan for my quilts to be used, not just looked at, so it will be durable.
 I do love this fabric, but I'm glad it's not giving me that unfinished glare any more!
 And here it is all washed up and ready to cuddle.
I turned out good and I think this is my favorite binding ever!


Shannon Bingaman said...

I love this. tHe theme, the colors. I am so impressed! Such talent!

knuckstermom said...

Thanks Shannon!