Saturday, September 24, 2016

Scattered About Saturday

 So, there was an auction sale over by Amana, Iowa today. I thought I'd drop by and see if there as anything I had to have.
 There sure was a lot of stuff, probably 6 or 8 hay racks full of...well..junk. And a lot of it was really just junk, at least to me. One whole building was table after table of glassware. I sure don't need any dishes!
 This family sure lived it up back in the 60's or so I'd say. There were at least 4 sets of golf clubs, tons of water & snow skis, boxes of badminton, volleyball and who knows what kind of nets. Anyways, I gave up on the treasure hunt and went to the grocery store.
Have you noticed, tis the season for pumpkin spice everything?  Did you see this? Even Life cereal has gotten into the act with pumpkin spice cereal!!! I passed on that.
 When I got home I finished a little October door banner or my friend in assisted living.  The other day I cut out the pumpkin shapes from a piece of black fabric that had been in the fusible bin for quite some time. See I thought I would be so clever and make it look like stained glass...sort of.
 I just sketched some pumpkin shapes and started cutting away. It really didn't occur to me that the orange scraps would need to be fused on there and there really isn't much room for the pieces to over lap. but it worked out pretty well.
 I'd have to think a little more to make it a little more fool proof if I ever get this idea again. But not too bad!!
130 is her apartment number in case you were wondering. I felt like it needed something in that space so why not?
The pumpkins are fused to the scraps of orange fabric then I stitched the whole thing to a piece of Pel-tex for some firmness. A little rick rack around the edges and October is done!!

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