Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

 SO, I saw these trees on Pinterest, Like These from Old & New Homestyle Boutique....
 and thought, Hey! I have some pallets out in the yard! SO I plugged in the saw and

Drew a line to follow in the shape of a triangle...Oh I mean a Tree!
My trusty reciprocating saw cut through these pallets like butter! I wasn't aiming for perfection, so even better!!
Then I nailed the boards that were loose to the center upright board.
And pulled off the boards from the back/underside of the pallet. Maybe I'll make something out of those too!
 There! One done!
But if you noticed, there are two sides left that will make another tree! I just lined them up so the top was pointy, and used a few long screws to put them together.

And TA-DA! In about 1 hour I have two trees. They are going to look great in the flower beds out front! I think I'll put some lights on them too! Pictures in a month or so!

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