Friday, November 4, 2016

Bazaar Craft Time

So, as usual I have some candy left from Halloween. There are quite a few mini Snickers bars, so a quick Google search brings me to DO Stamping.Mini Candy Tote Bag
That should do the trick!
 How cute! Well here we go! Cut and score
 then trim the corners and clip the folds to make the box.
 Then punch the handle holes.
 and add a bit of double sided tape to the inside flaps and here we gooooooo
It's so clever the way the designer made the assembly so easy!
 The flaps hold the whole thing together and it only take a tiny bit of tape. These little totes hold 2 mini candy bars. They are just adorable!
 Now add little tags and a bit of raffia to tie it closed....
Ready for the bazaar!

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