Sunday, November 6, 2016

Riverside Casino Craft Show

SO I popped over to Riverside Iowa for the annual craft show. It's a;ways good to see what's going on in the crafty world!
 Those ceramic Christmas trees never seem to go out of style. This lady has been making them since the 70's. E&R Creations have a web page too Here
 I always like the looks and the sayings on these re purposed windows.I also saw some with chicken wire in the frames and they used them for memos and photos and cards.
 Look at this canvas Christmas tree....and asking $40!! YIKES!
 I think these are the nicest things I saw. Re purposed old wood with snowmen, and sayings painted on them. Some were also wood burned on.....
 Like these cute wooden ornaments. I do like them a lot!
 The Iron Garden had a lot of things, they always have such creative iron things.
And this one was a favorite of mine too. Wild Angels Expressions had a large display of books with the pages folded to make words. They are beautiful! I wouldn't necessarily want to own one, but I bet it's fun to fold the pages and make the designs. 
And last look at this wooden ironing board with a great paint job! This booth had small furniture pieces and they all had hand painted designs on them. Not all were as colorful as this ironing board but it was lovely art work!

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