Thursday, November 10, 2016

Community Open House

Last weekend the new University of Iowa Children's Hospital held an open house for the community to come see the new facility.
 I stopped by for just a few minutes. It was CROWDED!! What a huge turnout!
 The building is beautiful! Look at that line of people on the left waiting to take the elevators to the upper floors! I was not so inclined to wait!
 The decor is so cute. They have these symbols all around the hospital-on the floors too-that you can follow to get to the places you're supposed to be.

 Clever I think! And lots of things are color coded, like the floors in the underground parking ramp-just remember you parked on the yellow floor or the green floor!
 Look at the pretty mosaic floor! And the post like decorations have names of Iowa places on blocks and they are all topped with fun metal art.
 Love the dogs on this one and
 The rabbit on this one!
The open house had a lot of activities for kids and was really a nice event, but far too crowded to be enjoyed by me!
Of course, when funny girls work in the area, they have time to clown around on the top floor a few days before the open house. Look at that view of Kinnick Stadium in the background!

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