Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall Chores

 SO I figured I needed to get my house chores done, so I drug out the ladder to clean the gutters, since all the leaves are pretty much down. Then I called Uber Son to come over and help!
 He took the big junk out then used the power washer to clean the downspouts and get the deep crud out!
 The North side took a long time.
 The South side took a lot less time. He had the method figured out to save a lot of time. But with weather this nice, it wasn't so bad.
 And when there are leaves on the ground you know what happens.....
 Big piles will rake, if you DON'T want them too!!LOL!!
 And daredevils will then climb the tree and jump in....
no worries, no broken bones!

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