Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Torrid at CoralRidge Mall

 So Saturday was grand opening day for the new Torrid store at Coral Ridge Mall. The first 50 people in line would get gift cards! I'm in!!! Well, we (I mean the folks in line near me) thought we were within the 50 people, but when the doors opened, apparently there were some "invisible" people ahead of us...darn it I missed it by 6!! Grrrr....
 Oh well, I better go have a look around, cute jacket-I can see that on DD!

 Cute sporty was kind of hard to get a good picture-kind of crowded!
 Jeans, they have a lot of different styles and fits. I'll wait to shop until it's less crowded another day.
 Cute dress attire too.
 I bought this cute pair of round toe shoes...they came in size Sasquatch!!

 And I got these earrings too. They have the backs I like, so I couldn't leave them there! And I got a free shopping bag for joining the insiders club. Oh boy! I'm a Torrid Insider......I hope they do a good business. I'm all for another shopping option for plus size gals!

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