Sunday, November 20, 2016

Corridor Arts & Crafts

 So today I stopped by The Bella Sala Events center in Tiffin, Iowa and visited the Corridor Arts & Crafts fair. I saw so many cool things. And most of them I had not seen at other craft shows. Beautiful hand made baskets!
 These boots are up cycled and very awesome!
 Cast leaves.....
 Canvas printed photos,
 Look at these cute Christmas trees!!!
 I had never been to Bella Sala before, they are a favorite venue for weddings and other big deals I hear.
 SO many different things were on display. ooo, paper!
 Love the boxes and there was a booth with alpaca yarn!

 Pretty furniture....
 Look T shirt quilt! I couldn't get over there to see what they were asking to make one.
 hahaha Hella Sassy! made me laugh!
 It was worth the $5 admission to see all the goodies. There were a lot of baby themed things-hair bows, blankets, bibs, blankets, that kind of thing.
And they had a guy playing live music-he was really quite good...Zachary Freedom, I bet that's not what his mom named him.

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