Sunday, December 25, 2016

Employee Perks & Christmas Fun!

So, I do like to order things on line...all kinds of things. So when this big box arrived just a couple of days before Christmas, I thought Oh boy, what did I get!!
 I can't remember what I ordered....must be a gift or something.....gosh it got here fast, I guess....what could it be!?!?!
 HAHAHA! HOHOHO! It's Charmin! Before you think I'm too crazy, my employer Procter & Gamble, have an online store that you can order products from. A few weeks ago they had a survey and the thanks for doing a survey was $15 credit to the store. SO I got a really good deal on Charmin! You can shop on line too. just go to
I had to laugh, the poor delivery people are working OT to deliver Christmas presents and for me they deliver toilet paper!!
I did get another employee Christmas box. Remember I work at P&G,(#pandgemployee...complying with the social media policy!) and they send all their employees a box for the holidays with a nice gift and some goodies. 
 This year it's a nice cooler bag and a bunch of product too! And the seasonal favorite-chocolate covered almonds.
 Yay! It's always the mark of the official holiday season when "the box" arrives.

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