Friday, December 16, 2016

The Yard Sale Tree

So last summer DD and me were yard sale-ing-maybe over in Walford...I don't remember for sure. ANWAYs, there was this pre lit 7 foot tree for something like $20. It was a slim version and had LED lights-the kind that look like old fashioned bulbs, but are actually energy efficient LED.
 I wanted a new tree, and those bulbs did it for me-OK, I'll take a chance! Take a look here! Assembly was so easy-whoever had it before must have only used it once or twice at the most. The branches look great! Just a little finessing.
 Looks pretty good-I think the lights could be distributed more evenly though....
 And here it is all done! I used the vintage ornaments again this year-with a few new additions.
 I just love these old glass ornaments.
 See that one with the starburst in the pretty!!
 The ones that have stenciled graphics on them are so cute- there's Santa in his sleigh and I have lots of them with starbursts on them.

Well there's the tree for 2016. And what a great yard sale bargain it is!!

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