Thursday, January 19, 2017


 So I thought I'd do something a little different for valentine's day this year. For the kiddos I'm making pillowcases! It happens that while I was at the local JoAnn's store they had the cutest valentine fabric on sale! I had to get a bit.
 The down side is that a couple of my choices were one way prints that would be going the wrong way on a pillowcase. SO when that happens you have to cut the folded edge and re stitch so the long way is the way the print goes.
 See these bears would be going sideways if I just went with it the way they are.....
 But if I cut it apart on the fold and re stitch it the long way, the bears are right side up when the pillowcase is done.
 Awww, look how cute these are!! And I had this hunk of valentine fabric in my stash-I don't even remember buying it, but it's pretty cute too, so I have more valentine pillowcases!
There! That's a completed project and one more hunk of fabric out of the stash! Sew On!

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