Monday, February 27, 2017

Driving Around... Gown Town and Antiques

If you have a high school, aged kid, you likely know that prom is right around the corner. We have a girl who will be attending prom this year-Lovely Jean's daughter Caitlynn! SO I drove up to Cedar Rapids to get a place in line for the local radio station's (KZIA-Z102.9) annual event, Gown Town! They gather prom dresses for weeks before the event so every girl has the opportunity to go to prom in a lovely dress that could be way out of their price range otherwise. I volunteered to stand in line early-not that early-about 9am. And I was so surprised at what a well organized event they had! I picked up a numbered wristband for Cait, and didn't have to stay in line at all. Caitlynn and the lovely Jean could return when the event began at noon and try on dresses until she found one she wanted.
 SO that left me free to go browse the antiques ant the annual Kiwanis antique sale at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. I also gained a short accomplice too. Look I have this lamp but mine doesn't have the fancy glass shade. There is a lot to see! Oh good-here's some green glass..... nothing I need to buy though!
 And isn't this poster cute! Jaymie wasn't too interested in it's off to lunch for us, then the grocery store.
Jean sent this picture of the dress Caitlynn selected! How pretty!!!
 SO a great Saturday for all! Tomorrow I'm thinking of quilts.

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