Saturday, February 18, 2017

Something New!

Do you remember a few years ago, there was this commercial with hamsters driving a Kia Soul?  It was pretty entertaining. 
We've been kind of car shopping a little bit to replace hubs, Ford Fiesta. Remember when we got her?
No rush really, but that transmission has been getting more and more annoying-Ford says it's fine, buuuuuutttttt I was worried that he'd end up broke down somewhere and we'd have a big repair bill. Sooooooo
After a ton of browsing on line and comparing and reading reviews and looking for the best deal, we came here....Kia of Des Moines. Hubs knew he wanted a Kia Soul. And we selected this pretty white one. The folks there were pretty good to deal with and it didn't take too long to work out the final bits, because I already did most of the work on line.I would recommend on line shopping and paper work filling out 100%!
Hubs is very happy with his new car, I drove it home from Des Moines and I think it's a pretty great car. I think we got a great deal and it was worth the drive.
I'll keep you posted how it works out!

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