Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Early Finish and Ringo!

So, I also finished another whole cloth baby quilt too! I'm on a roll!
 This one is for a lady at our church who has  a new baby boy. I made one for her baby girl last year, and so I kind of had to do one for the next kiddo too, right?
 They named the boy Castiel. No not castiel, like soap, she says it's pronounced like CAST-E-L. Tell me that kid won't be spelling and pronouncing his name his whole life.
 The new dog, Ringo is getting along pretty well. I read the dog whisperer book, but DD is a better trainer I think! LOL!
 Ringo, loves to chew his new rope-he should have it down to threads in a day or two I think.
Isn't Ringo a sweetie, he's come though the vet visit just fine!

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