Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vacation Part Three-Final

 SO I bet you're tired of seeing the ocean-too bad, I never get tired of it.
 This little beach on the inland side was so shallow and easily accessible, there were a lot of families there.
 Then right across the road-the ocean side!
 I never get tired of this view.

 Some people were flying a big kite there...
 and I had to get close to this sign to read it-it was fenced off the protect sea turtles! It was hatching time!

 Loved the short walks to ocean waves!
 Pretty flowers-probably weeds for all I know, but still pretty.

 So we chose to go up to Manteo so I could get another row block at the local quilt shop.
 What a nice shop! I almost cried there was so much beautiful fabric-Riley Blake, all the Moda lines, it was fabulous-AND nice people working there too! If you're in the OBX stop at Shoreline Handwerks. One of my favorites of them all!

 The on the way back to Buxton, we stopped at Bodie lighthouse. Pronounced like BODY.
 It's another really beautiful lighthouse, I can see why people love to visit these lighthouses, they are just so different from anything us landlocked people ever see.

 I videoed on the trip back to our apartment, I thing this construction area is just amazing. AND it turns out a week after we get home, this is the area that caused a major power outage over all the islands!

 SO it was time to leave, on the way towards Virginia Beach we stopped at the Wright Brothers monument.
 It's s big hike to the top of the famous hill where the brothers took flight. Since I'm on vacation and it was about 90 degrees out, I didn't hike up there!

 This art work is  awesome

 I love the way the artist included the people at the event.
 SO we drove around Virginia Beach a little bit-I just wanted to stop at the local quilt shop and get another row pattern-it was a really busy big beach town. Nothing like the busy little towns on Hatteras. Hubs was just amazed at how different it was compared to over 30 years ago when he was last there!!
 We got trapped waiting to travel though this tunnel for about an hour and a half. Locals say it happens all the time. It was kind of cool to travel UNDER the Ocean! But not if you are a little claustrophobic though! It's a long tunnel!
 Then on to Smithfield-yes the ham people.  They had a small store in the town-it totally reminded me of going over to Amana.
 Then one last stop in Roanoak-what a nice town!
 Yup-Black Dog Salvage. I love the TV show, Salvage Dogs, so I wanted to stop here.
 Unfortunately, as usual, I am there on a Darn SUNDAY! They don't open until noon!
 Well I can at least snap a few pictures outside!
 Then it's headed towards home. For some reason Gretel the GPS has us go down this highway, 311. Kill ME NOW! Hilly, twisty, turny, OMG!
 Anyways I think it was to avoid a toll-it seems like there is always one time on vacation when the GPS takes us on an unexpected road. Beautiful drive, but not a good way to make fast time!
 We chose to take the northern-ish route home because there was a big NASCAR race in Indianapolis, and I feared there would be crazy traffic and no hotel bookings were available.
 2937.1 miles on the trip meter when we pulled in to the drive way at home! I loved the entire time I spent in North Carolina. I can see us going back there again!
Now I have to get busy with my Row by Row quilt with all those blocks I got along the way!

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