Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Backyard Bonfire Time...late reporting!

So I had quite a pile of stuff in the backyard burn pile-mostly branches and pallets. Yes, that is Ringo on top of the pile...he figured out how to be king of the hill!
Anyways it was time to burn it down! So I had some good help to get ready....Dannie mowed the lawn like she always does, with some help....and Poodle helped too-she kept the toys gathered up, and
Ringo was helpful and ate the apples that are falling from the apple tree next door. 
See there was plenty of fuel for the fire! It was a perfect day too-warm and still. It was a really fast burning, hot fire!
We shoveled coals into the fire bowl so we could roast hot dogs and brats and of course make s'mores! We stayed out until past dark, it was such perfect weather.
A few days later Dannie used the big magnet we borrowed from Dad to pick up the nails left in the fire area. 
There was a lot of dang nails-burning pallets will do that!
Now she won't have to worry about getting a flat tire on the lawn mower!

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