Saturday, September 16, 2017

Blaze Pizza

So there's a new pizza restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa.  Blaze Pizza.
Dannie and I stopped in after the flea market at the fairgrounds on Labor Day....yes, I know I'm a little bit behind in blogging.
 Anyways, the Pizza was really good.
 It's a lot like going to Subway, in that you get to make your pizza anyway you like it. They have lots of ingredients to choose, and our person did a lovely job of making our pizzas. 

 Pizza costs just $7.95 each and the toppings are included! I think that's a great deal!
So I had them build my pizza-lots of good stuff on there....and Dannie had their signature white top. Both were really good and the pizzas come out fast from their fast grill oven. Kind of like a stone fired oven, but no stone is the best way I can describe it. You still get that nice crispy crust. The only thing I would improve would be for the people that cut the pizza to get a sharper tool-we had to use the plastic knife to cut our apart!
 The beverage selection apparently changes, but the day we were there we had Blood Orange Lemonade-it was WONDERFUL! And just to make me even happier, free refills!

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