Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Aunt Francie's 80th birthday celebration

So my Aunt Francie celebrated her 80th birthday with a really fabulous party organized by her children. My cousins did a wonderful job of organizing the whole thing!
There was a fun lunch of Maid Rites, cake and Cedarcrest Ice Cream and I was lucky enough to have my kiddos there!
And see there?  Mom is working the paper.....There was an Aunt Francie crossword puzzle, and I WAS IN THE PUZZLE!!
AND, as if there needed to be any more good things, Lovely Jean got me a SELFIE STICK!!!!!
Look see there, the stick is a thing of wonder...wonder where to point it! HAHAHA
I keep trying, but I can't seem to get my SELF in the picture, LOL!
DD took pictures while we were visiting and mingling.....
Poor Ben......
He just plays along.....
One of my cousin's grand daughters was especially interested in Dannie's big camera.
How cute is that?
The future photographer!
It was such a fun party. So many people stopped by to wish Aunt Francie a happy birthday!
I'm getting better with the stick here...see!!!
Ben & his Grampa, we all love their sense of style, it must be the blue plaid gene pool!
I imagine Dad looked pretty much like Ben when he was that age.
Here's my wonderful cousin Robin, she and her sibs did such a great job getting this party together!
It was held at the Fisher Community Center in Marshalltown, Iowa. One of my favorite places when I was a kid. I hadn't been there for many years! But I remember this sculpture very well! One of my all time favorite works of art.
I didn't know it was a memorial, but now I do. I took a selfie with my sculptural friends!
Gosh, you'd think I would have had at least one picture of the birthday lady! What a miss!

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