Monday, October 30, 2017

Charmander and Bob

SO the youngest kiddo wanted Charmander this year...lucky for me, I had a pattern for Charmeleon, and the only difference costume-wise is the bump on the head!
 Isn't she cute! Darn it, I didn't get the tail in the picture.
 Aghhh, isn't she spooky!!!!! She wanted to cover her whole face! I told her it wasn't very safe...I doubt she'll enjoy the face covering. It's supposed to be cold out, so there's plenty of room for winter coat under the costume!
 So while I waited for the driveway sealant to dry, Bob couldn't wait.
 He obviously walked thought it and then needed to perch on Hub's car. Yes, black kitty Bob prints on the roof, the side mirror, the hood......
Thankfully, a little scrub with  a Bounty with Dawn paper towel and it came right off. Glad it wasn't hot out, I bet it would have been sticky then!

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