Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Roundup

 So, we got off to an early start by heading to Mom & Dad's for BRUNCH-who's idea was that? Anyways, here's the first platter of cookies.

 We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed waffles and breakfast casserole as well as fruit and cookies and sausages too.
 We spent a little time reminiscing with the photo albums-I think we do pretty good making sure the youngers know who the olders are!
 And the lovely Jean is always seeing a new snapshot of her hubby!

 What a good looking family! So that took care of the festivities for Saturday!
 I went to my usual church on Sunday morning for the Christmas program. Then it was off to Aunt Francie's for the traditional Christmas eve family time.

 We had just a little bit of snow over night and it was still flurrying on Sunday-a kind of white Christmas!
 The next plate of cookies-supplemented by Lovely Jean's cookies! She's the cookie baker award winner this year!
 My cousin, Robin and me were the story readers this year! When we were kids, the cousins would all gather at Gramma & Grandpa's for Christmas Eve, the oldest kids were responsible for making up a Christmas PROGRAM-which meant recruiting readers to read the Bible verses and leading the songs and getting everyone organized. I think every kid HAD to read a part, no matter what! Gramma supplied a box of books and poems and church bulletin clippings so we could choose what was to be read. Ahhh, what fond memories!
 Then it was time to exchange gifts-with only 6 of us, we made quick work of that!
 Then back to home I go!
 Santa arrived on Christmas morning!
 And the Hub made a turkey for Supper.
 The kiddos made quick work of opening presents-and I thin  we scored some good hits with the gifts.
 Sweatshirts, and shampoo were winners and the basketball was good too.
The quilt was appreciated and we did pretty well selecting books too!
 I don't think anyone was happier than this guy when he unwrapped the Nintendo Switch game system.
 We had fun-faces were made, games were played and no one cried. I can't tell you how much I adore these people!
 We ended the night with the 2nd annual Pokemon GO! road trip to look at Christmas lights.
On to 2018 we go!!

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