Friday, December 8, 2017

One Christmas Gift Done!

 So I have a Pokemon Lover in my family-truth be told, I think there are actually several of them. That's just judging by the Pokemon GO! Ap usage I see. Anyways, I decided to use up my scraps of Pokemon fabric and make her a quilt.
 This is a cute free pattern I got from Christa Quilts. It's called Modern Puzzle and came together really easily. It's an easy to make block and the pattern is FREE!!! Thanks Christa Quilts!
 I used all the pokemon fabrics in my stash as well as scraps of a lot of other fabrics to make the blocks.
 I had this cute Mickey Mouse fabric on the shelf, so I used it for the back!
 It turned out pretty cute and I hope the kiddo likes it!
 I just did a quick meander quilting job on it and used the scraps for the binding.
 This time I used one of Bernie's decorative stitches for the binding. It took a LOT longer than just plain stitches, but it is pretty cute, and I don't use the fancy stitches very often.
 The red thread looks really good with all the crazy block colors!
One gift down some more to go!

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