Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Box Is Here!

 As my calendar says it's the last day of November and of course, the arrival of THE BOX, all means it's almost time to get the Christmas tree out! I'm planning a great one this year!
 My employer #pgemployee (hello social media guidelines)-the corporate portion- sends us a lovely gift this time of year every year. It always includes a selection of products and a gift, it was a backpack this year, and chocolate covered almonds! Way back in the day, it used to include fruit and a canned ham. Oh how times change.
 Anyway this is one of the products that came in my box. I had not seen this before! I googled it and it comes in Olay body wash, and also in Old Spice varieties in addition to the Ivory one I got. WOW! I LOVE this! I am not a fan of original Ivory soap-it's not creamy enough to suit me. But this scrubber-WOW!
 The soap is kind of soft and is packed in this little two sided wash/scrub pouch. Kind of like soap-on-a-rope!!The blue side exfoliates-Oh is it nice! LOVE IT!  And it's really nice Ivory soap-creamy and it makes my skin feel soft and not dry.
 And as much as I like liquid soap, I never use it because I HATE that plastic poof scrubber thing that you really need to use to get the full benefit. SO this is 100 times better than washing with that poofy thing. The white side is a non woven fabric, and the blue side is kind of plastic-ish fabric-nothing like the poofy thing though-thank goodness! I think I'll get another one of these in the Olay variety. Google tells me it costs $6.99 at Target-so about the same a bars of soap I think.
 And I'm working on a quilt-a Pokemon quilt for Christmas for the youngest grand. We'll see how this comes out.

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